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In our Tiki skirt!
Amy Bliss was one of our Vixen reps at LondonEdge
Amy Bliss in our polka-dot dress!

Blogger Spotlight: A Q&A With Old Is Now.

Name: Amy Bliss Blog Name: Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  What is it about the pin-up look that attracts you? I have always had a creative and alternative approach to fashion and I love that the pin-up look combines both of these things in a…
Amelia Jetson looking cute in our 'Dolly P' dress.
Amanda in our popular 'Katnis' dress.
Modern June Cleaver in our 'Dita' dress. So pretty!
Amelia Jetson in our 'Daphne' dress.

Blogger Spotlight: A Q&A With Junebugs & Georgia Peaches

Name: Amanda (Modern June Cleaver) + Katie (Amelia Jetson) Blog Name: Junebugs and Georgia Peaches Find Us On: Facebook, Instagram (Amelia),  Instagram (Katie). What  is    it    about    the    pin-­‐up    look    that    attracts    you? Amanda:    The    fact    that    it’s    simultaneously    bold    and    classic;    I    also    love    that    it    seems    to    bolster    the    confidence    level    of    so    many    of    the    women  …